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Environment and Ethics

As we go back to our roots, we have selected the best quality ingredients and consistent suppliers of our wax and essential oils.

We have always had pride in our ethical and sustainable products. These are made in unique batches and benefit from care and attention to quality. Our beeswax range was starting to become a production line which deviated from our own artisanal ideals and was not true to our sustainable heritage. We have spent over a year developing and testing our new Vegan MoogWax. It is made with a Vegan beeswax alternative derived from mineral oils and plant based derivatives with no animal related ingredients or animal testing. We have made this change as we are now unable to source high quality and ethical beeswax. We are not comfortable with the way in which beeswax is produced in an industrial way - often at the expense of bees in the wild. In addition, an increasing number of our clients are now vegan as so we wanted to offer them our high quality MoogWax product that conforms to ethical vegan standards. 

We still maintain our standard of aiming toward zero plastic at all parts of our process, our products are only available in reusable and recycleable aluminium jars. Our loose packaging is biodegradable starch and cardboard, even our packing tape is paper. We are constantly encouraging suppliers to provide ingredients in sustainable containers and nearly all do so. Last year we sent less than 10kg of plastic to recycling and zero waste to landfill.

As such we have improved our product and our sustainability. The intensive labour and the selective supply chain mean that we incur costs that mass producers do not. It is therefore a new product that emerges distinctly MoogWax and at the most affordable price for high quality ethical products.

None of our products or ingredients have been tested on animals.  We are firmly against animal testing.  

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